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Eric Alan Christiansen (MSIT,BSCS) is the owner, administrator, and chief moderator for

Eric's primary professional fields of experience include computer science, technology management, business innovation, software development, software architecture, data architecture, systems architecture, data science, information assurance, data security, systems engineering, data networking, and education.

Eric has more than 30 years of professional technology experience and has worked on some very notable projects. He got his first paid programming job when he was 13 years old. When he was 17 he was already working as an electronics test technician helping to build the NASA Space Shuttle. Eric worked full time as a junior programmer helping to develop the world's first production digital fly-by-wire flight control system for the F-16 fighter while simultaneously carrying a full academic load and earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. As a software developer, Eric helped develop a number of military systems, including satellite quality control software for the U.S., air defense systems for Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, and automated robotic manufacturing systems for the B1-B bomber. In the institutional investment management industry, Eric supported multi-billion dollar quantitative/technology driven investment models in roles ranging from support for day-to-day operations to support for next-generation research organizations. As a technology director and startup innovator Eric has also worked for several entrepreneurial organizations. Eric completed his Master of Science in Information Technology degree and has also complete many doctoral level studies at Aspen University.

Eric is an enthusiastic autodidact and an aspiring sesquipedalian. He enjoys reading, watching, and studying computer science, engineering, quantum computing, quantum physics, cosmology, philosophy, epistemology, game theory, investment theory, economics, political science, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, sociology, and history.

Eric is pursuing his technology passions via Eric's detailed professional background is available on his LinkedIn profile at

Master's Thesis

File:Eric Christiansen Masters Thesis Unexposed Keys.pdf

Miscellaneous Notes