Dietrich Leibfried

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Dietrich Leibfried. ( - ). German-born physicist working in America.


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    • Dietrich Leibfried grew up in south-western Germany and studied physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. After a PhD thesis supervised by Theodor Hänsch at MPQ Garching, Germany he spent two exciting years as a postdoctoral guest researcher in David Wineland's Ion Storage Group at NIST in Boulder, CO. Around this time, the precise quantum-mechanical manipulation of trapped atomic ions became viable, making them a competitive approach towards quantum information processing. After three years as an assistant with Rainer Blatt at the University of Innsbruck, Leibfried permanently returned to the Ion Storage Group at NIST in 2001 to chase the dream of a large-scale quantum computer based on trapped ions. Despite steady progress, it is still a long way to this eventual goal. Lately, Leibfried became interested in how ideas from quantum information processing could be applied to apparently unrelated fields, with precision spectroscopy and quantum coherent preparation and manipulation of single trapped molecular ions being one example.

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